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Use the right systems, programs, and workflow to be successful! Part 2


05 apr Use the right systems, programs, and workflow to be successful! Part 2

Guest post by Phillip Hobbs


Task Delegation for masters of productivity.

Ok now to the fun stuff!

Apart from spending time with my son, missus, walking the dog in the forest, and having those fast flying idea rich conversations with clients, business partners, and nerdy friends…

I LOOOVE delegating and making tasks for others, seriously I do!

Here is how I do it…

First off when I get a task from a client, (or my idealist

I fire up textedit (notepad on a PC), Jing and some good New Zealand Reggae.

I do each step of the job myself (recording with Jing) sometimes I have to make multiple videos, one for each step. I take notes in my text editor.

Then I go to Basecamp,

Make a writeboard; enter all the info, steps, requirements, and links to the Jing videos in.

Make a to do list, add each small step into the list. Delegate to the appropriate person and make a deadline.

Then all I have to do is check my Basecamp dashboard daily and I can immediately see where each project is upto.

But I don’t have time for all this; I just wanna do my work!

Well there are several options…

  1. Do it all yourself, working 16-20hr days and one day go down with stress…
  2. Outsource it to sites like, amino freelancer, (And if your lucky, have a 50/50 chance that your task will be done right and done affordably)
  3. Pay someone to help you. Usually 200kr an hour or more (and pay for them, surfing the net, using Facebook, talking with their friends all day, smoking cigarettes, taking breaks)
  4. Hire a person in the East to do your work and pay as little as 50kr an hour (and spend most of your time A) making sure they actually DO your work B) understand what you are showing them.)
  5. Hire a Professional Virtual Assistant to do your tasks, (costs 250kr an hour or more, But they can do anything you can teach them, Most have done all kinds of training)

I hope you have enjoyed reading my extremely long guest post!

Please feel free to contact me about anything.

My blog is

I own (my missus is taking this over very soon)

My Virtual Assistant Service for Entrepreneurs and small business’s will be going live around Early-August, feel free to contact me about this; I may be able to help you J

Thank you for your precious time!

Phillip Hobbs

Serial Entrepreneur from Australia



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