Guest post by Phillip Hobbs

Ready! set!, err… wait a minute!

So you’re a young entrepreneur ready to take on the world?

You got some great Idea or ideas! Your ready to go?

You’re young and ready to work until 4am every day doing what you love. But there will come a time when you get tired of doing the books, adding friends on LinkedIn, and clearing your inbox.

Well, If you want to keep track of where you are and what is going on without getting stress, Your gonna need some systems and great programs to make your life easier.

Besides, Don’t you want to be able to scale up your business so you can spend your time lying on a beach in the Philippines? Or enjoying the Danish summer instead of tied up doing the normal admin jobs you know must be done…

In this blog post for Kristoffer I will share some systems and software I use to make life simpler (and more fun)

Ok here’s the way I work,

I have a MacBook air (because they just work and are COOL!)

So the programs I recommend are for MAC’s



I Delegate ALL possible work to someone else that can do it cheaper than me (I rate myself at 250kr an hour, so I don’t wanna be doing a job I can pay someone 100kr an hour to do…WHY???

Because if I spent all my time doing jobs that I can get done cheaper, I would never have time for my family, or the Higher paying tasks in my business.

(Which of course means I would not get anywhere)

I mostly delegate to the Philippines because of their English skills, affordability, and general Virtual assistant skills, BUT I also have 2 Danish people on my team.

Recently I have put a US VA (Virtual Assistant) on my team of subcontractors.

Because with my new business going live in around 3 months I will need PERFECT English skills.

On my team of subcontractors I have:

2 Philippino Designers,

8 Philippino Writers,

1 Danish SEO/ Writer

1 Danish Bookkeeper

1 American Virtual Assistant

1 American Writer

I plan on also getting a VA that is Fluent in German.


Project Management IS the most important thing!

Without a good system for project management you will spend all day in your email inbox…

Seriously, I know people that have their inbox open on one tab of their browser all day, constantly getting notifications and new chats (Gchat)…

This is NOT productive…

I used to check my email once an hour, now I do it around 5 times a day.

I batch most jobs I do, so I process all emails at once, if there is an action to take I add it to Omnifocus or Basecamp.

I have recently moved up to Basecamp from 37 Signals, for a Project management system.  I LOVE IT!!

I went from wasting 1-2hrs of my day in the inbox, missing deadlines, using excel/Google spreadsheets, and looking through emails to find out where I was up to…

To around 30mins MAX to find out where I am up to on what and Now I don’t miss clients deadlines.

I highly recommend Basecamp!!

But bear in mind that if you have lots of clients, projects and lots of files. It may end up being a bottleneck and costing you way too much…

I have planned for this and will be buying activeCollab (which is a one-time expense) when I get more clients…


To be continued tomorrow….